Another torture incident in Bayburt added to thousands of others in the state of emergency.
In Bayburt, Police Officers took E.O. from the prison where he was waiting for a trial to Police Headquarter and tortured him. They taped his mouth, his eyes and beat him up until he lost his conscience. They also threatened him with hurting his wife and daughters.
It was reported that the police officers were authorized by Prosecutor Durmuş Ali Karakoca and Bayburt Province Police Chief Sezayi Er to interrogate detainees by using torture methods.
After this incident published in Turkish media, Prosecutor Durmuş Ali Karakoca and Bayburt Province Police Chief Sezayi Er immediately transferred E.O. to Gumushane Province Prison.
İsmail Ustaoğlu, the Governor of Bayburt Province, has done nothing to stop torture in Bayburt despite allegations.

Torture Suspects:

  • İsmail Ustaoğlu – Ex-Governor of Bayburt, Current Governor of Bitlis
  • Sezayi Er – Chief of Bayburt Provincial Police Department
  • Ali Karakoca – Ex-Bayburt Prosecutor, Current Konya Prosecutor
  • Yusuf Fatih Atay – Chief of Intelligence Department
  • Mete Durukan – The Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Branch Director
  • İrfan Gültekin – Warden of Diyarbakır D Type Prison


Suspect Information

Profile photo of Ismail Ustaoglu
City: Bayburt, Bitlis
Occupation: Governor
Suspect Number: 153
Profile photo of Sezayi Er
City: Bayburt
Occupation: Chief of Provincial Police Department
Suspect Number: 152
Profile photo of Ali Karakoca
City: Bayburt, Konya
Occupation: Prosecutor
Suspect Number: 154
Profile photo of Yusuf Fatih Atay
City: Bayburt
Occupation: Chief of Intelligence Department
Suspect Number: 155
Profile photo of Mete Durukan
City: Bayburt
Occupation: Chief of Anti-smuggling and organized crime branch
Suspect Number: 156
Profile photo of Irfan Gultekin
City: Diyarbakır
Occupation: Warden of D Type Prison
Suspect Number: 52