‘Zabit Kisi stated that he had been tortured from the moment he was handed over to MIT in Kazakhstan and that he had bled from his genitals for days because of a blow to his groin in the plane.

Zabit Kisi said that he was kept in a container for 108 days at a distance of 6 minutes by car from the airport that they landed in Ankara, and that he was stripped naked, given electricity to his body, left dehydrated for days, exposed to sexual abuse, beaten without interruption, watched while having toilet needs, injected drugs into his body when he was about the die, and then tortured again.

Zabit Kisi, who explained the torture in all its details, said that these people introduced themselves as MIT officials on the plane and that they turned over him to the Ankara Anti-Terror Teams in a place he did not know after 108 days of torture.