Within the knowledge of Superiors, People detained on April 26 2017 were not allowed to see their lawyers and families for 15 days in Kahramanmaraş Police Headquarter.

Detainees were tortured physically and forced to sign pre-written statements.

Police officers held a gun against detainees’ heads and threatened with raping wives and daughters.

Superiors allegedly responsible for tortures in Kahramanmaraş Police Headquarter:

  • Vahdettin Özkan – Governor
  • İlker Yazıcı – Chief Prosecutor
  • Doğan İnci – Chief of Provincial Police Department
  • Hakan Aşık – Deputy Chief of Provincial Police Department and Chief of Anti-smuggling and organized crime branch

Suspect Information

Profile photo of Vahdettin Ozkan
City: Kahramanmaraş
Occupation: Governor
Suspect Number: 47
Profile photo of Ilker Yazıcı
City: Kahramanmaraş
Occupation: Chief Prosecutor
Suspect Number: 48
Profile photo of Dogan Inci
City: Kahramanmaraş
Occupation: Provincial Police Chief
Suspect Number: 49
Profile photo of Hakan Asik
City: Kahramanmaraş
Occupation: Deputy Police Chief of anti-smuggling and organized crime branch
Suspect Number: 50