Murat Hamurcu who had been detained twice and gave his statement before, detained again in Zonguldak. He was forced to sign a pre-written statement. After refusing to sign it, his wife with a 10-month baby were detained.

Police officers forced Murat Hamurcu to be a slanderer by holding his family in custody. Police officers even threatened him with raping his wife.

According to witness and victim statements, police officers listed below committed torture crimes in Zonguldak.

  • Şükrü – Lieutenant
  • Fatih Demirtaş – Police Officer
  • Naci Kılıç – Police Officer- nicknamed Battal
  • Necdet Aycı – Police Officer- nicknamed Emin
  • Bekir Yılmaz – Police Officer- nicknamed Hasan

Officials in charge:

  • Hüsnü Hakan Yağız – Chief Prosecutor
  • Ahmet Metin Turanlı – Chief of Zonguldak Provincial Police Department
  • Osman Ak – Ex-Chief of Zonguldal Provincial Police Department

Suspect Information

Profile photo of Bekir Yılmaz
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Police officer
Suspect Number: 20
Profile photo of Naci Kilic
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Police Officer
Suspect Number: 21
Profile photo of Necdet Ayci
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Police Officer
Suspect Number: 22
Profile photo of Şükrü
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Lieutenant
Suspect Number: 23
Profile photo of Fatih Demirtas
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Undercover police officer
Suspect Number: 24
Profile photo of Husnu Hakan Yagiz
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Chief Prosecutor
Suspect Number: 17
Profile photo of Ahmet Metin Turanli
City: İstanbul, Zonguldak
Occupation: Chief officer of police
Suspect Number: 18
Profile photo of Osman Ak
City: Zonguldak
Occupation: Chief of Provincial Police Department
Suspect Number: 19